cushyThe Start

It was Saturday evening, I came early from my office.After changing and relaxing a bit I was looking for my Children a son 15 years old and a daughter 13 years old. I found both of them in their room playing with some gadgets. I was bit frustrated seeing them playing with gadgets, So i immediately advised them to keep the Tab and start studying as exams are expected in a month or so.

As expected they were not much motivated to study at that time. They show cased their discomfort by the way of body language and some typical murmur of words. This made me angry and i was about to scold them when suddenly some quotes of RESPONSIBLE PARENTING struck in my mind. I regained my composure and decided to talk to them and persuade them to study. Above all my intention was that they should learn something instead of having some screen time. So i asked them which subjects bore you the most, lets try to study that. I also ensured them that i will help them to understand the subject better.They were happy after listening this “reasons unpredictable”.

CIVICS!!!!!! Both of them almost shouted together. There was a spark in eyes and a winning wink was in communication. I normally helped my children studying Mathematics, so they assumed that Civics was not their fathers cup of tea. But for them surprise was about to hit.

I have been working with a NGO since last 10 years. This gave me an opportunity to understand many things related to Human Rights, Fundamental Rights, Legal rights, Panchayati Raj etc.

I said them Okay. “Lets discuss the problem you are facing in Civics.” After small discussion i found that they are confused with DEMOCRATIC type of Government. So as a good teacher and father i decided to clarify the doubts and explain them the importance of DEMOCRACY.

Democracy Explained

So with great zeal i started explaining my Kids about democracy. I explained them the difference between many forms of govt and highlighted them the basic of democracy.

I told them that in a democracy, participation of all is required in decision making. Its a collective way of deciding about the future and present. every one should have equity in every decision.

Equality for all is another guiding principle of democracy, I told them. there should equality in terms of Caste,Gender Religion.

every citizen have right to express, protest against decisions if they do not think its good for them. i explained them in details the “Fundamental Rights and Duties”. The kids were very interactive and tried to understand every thing very keenly. I was happy to teach them. So in the end i asked them to go through news paper and news and try to understand  and Observe what are the key issues they see in news against democratic value. we decided to again discuss in a day or two.

Discussion Day

it was Saturday again..My Children and me sat again to discuss the democracy. I was very happy that they are understanding and proactively sharing their observations. i was not knowing what was coming on me…. So the discussion started.

My Daughter started “Baba do you think democracy should be practiced in every level of society”. I Said “Yes” in fact there is also a local government in urban area, there is a society where we live there also elections happens. so democracy should be and is been practiced in every part of society.

What about our Home Baba asked my Son? do you think our family should also run on democratic values. I replied yes of course… what makes you……My Son Interrupted in Between and said So we have some observation based on that.

Our mother wakes up early in the morning makes Breakfast for us, prepares us for school, makes lunch for DIDA(Grandmother) you and herself.She does regular house work, Goes to her college, does research and teaches.comes back from the job. makes breakfast, help us in our study, prepares dinner and goes to sleep at last.And you wake up in morning after we had left for school, you get your tea in table, then you bath and get dressed for office and after breakfast you leave for office with your lunch box. you come back by late evening, tea is served to you in room, you relax after that watching TV and NEWS. You have your dinner and then go to sleep. IS THIS GENDER EQUALITY???

I was stunned…

Now It was my Daughters Turn. she said Baba we have maid in house she uses another cup for tea, she does not sit on sofa while talking to us she stands or sits on floor. She does not gets a week off. She is not entitled for any medical leave or leaves as you and mom get without getting a cut in salary. IS THIS SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC EQUALITY????

I Was Horrified…

Now the last Nail: Both of them said Baba you and mom take many decision without consulting us and then we are made to obey that decision. we do not have even right to express and protest. because if we protest we know what will happen. IS THIS RIGHT To Express and inclusion of all in decisions.

NOW i was out of my mind, i told them discussion was on democracy not on me….I took my composure back and paused for a while. actually i was searching for answers. then after a while i said” look my dear” all you said is right to some extent but their are some basic rules and practices which one should follow and i am also following that, any ways i do not know to cook hence your mother does. i am only following the ways its going on from past and in democracy we respect all tradition and religion. secondly i never came to you with manifesto to elect me as your father. neither you have elected me nor you can change me so dear kids do not think of any democratic protest against me…(very sarcastic). after a few more words i asked them to go to sleep.

it was a sleepless night for me. I was thinking who actually taught whom in this whole week? Can actually values of democracy be practised at home? were my Answers right?

if Democracy cant be practised in smallest unit of society (HOME) why we seek it for whole country and world. When it comes to break the barriers, bridge the gaps of values expected and values practised, does really tradition and custom comes in the way or we just do not want to move out of our comfort Zones?

I Leave you all with these questions, if you get answer please let me know

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