Hi Every One…. yesterday was a great day for me. yesterday i saw two great intellect of the India discussing on Nationalism and India. I was very much intrigued for the speeches they were to deliver and i was not at all disappointed.Two imminent personalities of INDIAN SOCIETY, being very opposite part of  democratic spectrum, yet accounting and affirming themselves to a common dream of INDIA. Both the speakers gave their thought on Nationalism, Nation and India. The speeches and thought were so mesmerising that i could not resist writing my opinion and my understanding for it.

The first speaker expressed the INDIA as collection of many religion, caste, languages, under one civilisation. He Further added that ours is a society that has accepted almost every religion in the world, formulated with different customs languages and still able to preserve its own diverse identity. This preservation of our identity with diversity makes our culture a unique in world. The common conscience of the nation thus lies in our uniqueness and pluralism of the society and identified commonly as Indian Civilisation or Indian. Every one who is born in India is a Indian and have the responsibility to take India to the best place in the world where it had belonged as per our Historic Past. Our ancestors are common, our thinkers are common, we have ample of ideas, thoughts and principles given by our great thinkers of the society to take the country to the Level of Dreams. So as a Nationalist every Indian should be proud of the common history, Common Civilisation, and should work for common goal to take our country as a crown jewel of the world.

The second speaker expressed that Indian Nationalism is unlike the idea of Nationalism of European countries. He explained that in Europe the nationalism was based on common language, common religion, common interest and common goal marked with a definite geographical boundaries and which fought against a common enemy. where as the Idea of INDIA as nation state and Indian nationalism is very different. Our society has amalgamated with every religion, thought, ideas, tradition and custom which makes it a very open society. this makes our society very tolerant, diverse, and gives and breeds the idea of coexistence. There is only one thing common in India that is Diversity and we celebrate this diversity with unity and that is what defines Indian Nationalism. Our nationalism is based on unity in diversity with Collective conscience of all as one. Working with Collective idea, respecting each other ideas thoughts religion, sharing collective goals  will give us the uninterrupted supply of nationalist people and nationalism. For us then nationalism will be constant force of inspiration and will help our great motherland to reach the Acme of Devlopment and Happiness.

Both the speakers were right and gave the same goal to the society. Their idea and way to lead our great country further was almost perfect if practiced to its purest form. I Was amazed, happy to learn the views of two extreme ends of political Band of our country. I was also able to differentiate between their ideology and thought on India….This time not in a superficial way..I Hope

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