What we chose is what we become….a short story

Shubha Banerjee

Today I am going to be story teller, telling an unusual story. It’s story of comparison; comparison usually a negative word but holds lot in it. Whether we like it or not BUT WE ARE BOUND TO COMPARE.

So as you now know this story is about comparison… there were two friends, who decided to start their new business at almost same time. Their business idea were different so actually no direct competitions was in scene. Their business idea had very different portfolios, one was electronic and another was FMCG ..dairy. Although Both of them were venturing into new area but they had strong business house backing. Both friends thought of doing clean good business and pledged to quality. QUALITY indeed was their USP (unique selling point). Both were growing fast and spinning money..So what was the difference ?

Difference was in the attitude!! One friend believed in “knowing…

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Nationalism and India

Hi Every One.... yesterday was a great day for me. yesterday i saw two great intellect of the India discussing on Nationalism and India. I was very much intrigued for the speeches they were to deliver and i was not at all disappointed.Two imminent personalities of INDIAN SOCIETY, being very opposite part of  democratic spectrum,…

Ten on Ten

Shubha Banerjee

Ten on Ten is the most tempting number, yet haunting many, at least me..and I bet there are many like me. Who would not like to be ten on ten or would have not pursued the ten on ten dreams in life. Say it or not most of us are stuck there…no I am not talking about marks scored by students or the targets achieved by managers. It’s there in everything and every bit of our lives…we want to be Ten On Ten Mom/Papa, Ten on Ten Wife/ Husband Ten on Ten friend…worker….doctor… and the list is endless. The Ten on Ten haunts us to do that either we can’t or we don’t want to do even if we can. It pushes us like Motivation and ends up in frustration.

Before getting stuck in this futile cycle of Ten On Ten Goal – efforts to achieve this Goal – Identifying…

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Why can’t We Decide when it comes to …..Thought Fighters ?

Shubha Banerjee

Thought Fighters ?

You Must be thinking What’s this ? Dwelling in thoughts and Talking to People in thoughts…..any idea? ……. It’s very common, in-fact hobby of many, people usually talk to people in their thoughts. Specially those who have lesser chance to express or are rather suppressed, do this more. Why? Why is it? Are they afraid of insult or are cowards? NO…. I would rather call them Fighters….”Thought fighters” There are many who talk to their teachers, parents, officers or rivals, very violently and aggressively at times, but all in their thoughts or dreams.

I was also one of these “thought fighters” few years back. I would talk to all those whom I disagreed, in length, but not in reality. My debate in my mind will continue for hours and sometimes for days with the people, those people who were completely unaware of this fact and would…

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